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Canadian Government to Rely Entirely on Renewables by 2025

Posted by Emma Marshall-Torres

In an official news release by the nation’s Treasury Board Secretariat, Canada has pledged to power all of its government buildings and operations using renewable energy by 2025.

 The northern nation sees this commitment as an opportunity to benefit both its economy as well as the environment.

The Secretariat’s document has faith the movement will “create well-paying jobs for the middle class” and pass on to “the next generations [...] a prosperous and sustainable economy”.

The measure is just one of the ways Canada hopes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a whopping 40% by 2030. Unlike many lofty goals made at the national-level, Canada is also creating a Centre for Greening Government underneath the Treasury Board Secretariat, with the exclusive purpose of coordinating efforts, propelling results, and monitoring progress and emissions reduction.

Progress has already been made through repairs and retrofits to government buildings, thanks to a CA $2.1 billion (US $2.8 billion) allotment included in 2016’s budget. Further movement will be achieved through green procurement, clean technology, and investments and modernization of vehicle fleets and infrastructure.


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