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Solar Energy and Health Care In Global Perspective

Posted by Rachel Lederer

Although health is among the most basic of human needs, access to reliable and safe health care is not distributed equally geographically, with displaced populations and many residing in rural areas especially lacking access. About one billion people globally rely on healthcare facilities that lack electricity. Solar energy has the power to change this and to facilitate the process of bringing quality healthcare to vulnerable populations everywhere.

Sun Continues to Shine Upon CA Solar

Posted by Mary Jones

California has long been the state for dreamers and doers. In recent history, it has also harnessed its ample sunlight to create the largest solar industry and most solar energy generation in the nation. With a lofty goal of 33% of state electricity to come from renewable sources by 2020 (and 50% by 2030), it seems that the western state has committed to blazing the trail for American solar. And given the California Independent System Operator's recent announcement of a new solar generation peak on its grid, it appears they just might.

Sysco Announces Plans for Multi-Site Solar Garden

Posted by Morgan Burke

With over 65,000 associates and 300 distribution facilities serving 500,000 customer locations, there's no doubt that Sysco has some high energy needs. On June 6th, the company signed a ten-year renewable energy agreement; subsequently, three solar garden sites are being constructed in Texas, which will provide about 10% of Sysco’s U.S. electricity usage.

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