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The Effects of Pollution on PV Generation


While solar power is a clean form of energy, pollution from unclean sources has a drastic impact on this renewable energy source. Data collected in Singapore, Delhi, India, and China have confirmed that the pollution levels in these areas have significant reductions in solar panel output. The air pollution in these countries is caused by emissions from industries and motor vehicles that creates a cloud-like haze. Coal emissions, especially in China, are also affecting the air quality.

Exciting News for Solar Cell Optimization



In the energy sector, economic factors drive decision-making, therefore, researchers are continually looking for ways to make solar cells more durable and more efficient at converting sunlight into electricity. Silicon solar cells currently dominate the market, but have well-documented efficiency limitations. "Each photon of light can only knock loose a single electron, even if that photon carried twice the energy needed to do so" (MIT). Now, a group of researchers from MIT and Princeton University have demonstrated a method for getting high-energy photons striking silicon to kick out two electrons instead of one, opening the door for a new kind of solar cell with greater efficiency. 

Team SolBid Volunteers to Restore the Quonnie Pond Salt Marsh with Save the Bay


On Friday May 17th, SolBid joined Rhode Island CRMC, the Salt Ponds Coalition and the Town of Charlestown to help nonprofit Save the Bay in its effort to restore the Quonochontaug (Quonnie) Pond Salt Marsh. Volunteers planted salt marsh grasses at the restoration site where sand from the breachway was placed on the degraded marsh so it could adapt to sea level rise. 

New Advancements in Storage Technologies for Solar


While solar energy has undoubtedly expanded over the past decade, we will not be able to become fully reliant on it until there is a breakthrough in storage technology. We need to be able to efficiently and safely story large amounts of power, as well as be able to quickly charge batteries, in order to be able to fully rely on solar power. The ability to store immense amounts of solar energy is key in order for this energy to then be able to be distributed across the grid to meet given demand.

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