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How Solar Adoption Boosts Corporate Brand Reputation



Over the recent years, sustainable practices have become integral to overall corporate brand strategy. Beyond the financial and operational benefits that come with adopting solar, enterprises are recognizing the potent brand value solar energy brings to their organization. Consumers are shopping with a conscious effort to go with more sustainable-friendly companies, employees are choosing more sustainable companies, and businesses that go green are gaining competitive advantages within their market. By adopting solar with the effort of enhancing corporate brand reputation, corporations can position themselves as leaders that are committed to a sustainable future.

Commercial Solar Market Shows Resilience with 27% Growth in 2023



The commercial solar sector continues to grow with impressive growth in the first quarter of 2023. According to a recent report from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), over 391 MWdc (megawatts, direct current) of commercial solar capacity was installed during the first quarter of 2023, making a significant 27% increase compared to the same period in the previous year (Q1 2022). These increases seem to result from the recent changes in policies, both by state and federal governments, such as ITC Adders, and NEM policies.

Extensive Heat Strains Energy Grids



Recent surge in heat waves across the U.S. have poised multiple challenges to energy grids as temperatures rise so does energy demand, which in many areas across the country, including states such as California and Florida, are unable to meet at maximum capacity and efficiency. This poses major risks in day-to-day business operations. However, with these challenges, sustainable solutions, such as commercial solar, pose a valuable option which is able to provide and alleviate the burden on traditional energy grids.

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