Local non profit organization Mass Audubon, with tagline “Protecting the Nature of Massachusetts”, is doing what it’s preaching. After focusing on energy conservation and efficiency improvements for several years, Mass Audubon turned its attention to renewable energy, as clean energy is good for people & wildlife. They have installed solar PV systems at their sites throughout Massachusetts, including their wildlife sanctuaries, education centers and headquarters. So far, they totaled 434 kilowatts installed. They are really focusing on generating as much of their own clean energy as possible, and they purchase the rest from renewable sources.

They are calling their program “Clean & Green” and their goal is to lead by example. Being a non profit organization with solar on their buildings throughout the state, they are sending a clear message that this clean technology is accessible and affordable. They also want to leverage their solar arrays as educational and teaching instruments. Thousands and thousands of people visit Mass Audubon facilities every year, so the environmental and educational impact will be very significant.

Besides the environmental and educational benefit, solar is also providing Mass Audubon with important financial benefits by reducing operating costs and enabling long term financial protection. As a nonprofit largely dependent on donations, membership fees and earned income, locking in energy prices and lowering operating expenses are truly significant financial benefits. Clearly, going solar made a lot of sense for Mass Audubon. Is your business ready to make the switch to solar?