SolBid, Inc. is composed of hard-working individuals, each with their own unique story. Today, we are putting the Spotlight on Andres Henriquez, Software Engineer here at SolBid.


Andres graduated with a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Holguin, Cuba. He worked as a Professor at that same university for 6 years, and then worked as a Full Stack Developer in Chile for 2 years before joining the SolBid team. Andres is working on his Ph.D in Computer Science at UMass Lowell in his spare time.

Thanks to his background in Computer Science, Andres has been able to assist the team in multiple software related projects to assist our users. His favorite project so far has been relating to analyzing and gathering data to improve software feasibility.

At SolBid, Andres enjoys the multi-cultural environment and getting to work closely with colleagues. Outside of work, Andres enjoys exploring places in nature, spending time with friends and family, and learning new things by watching tutorials and documentaries. He lives by the motto: “It’s the small details that make the difference”. For the future, Andres hopes that renewable energy will become less expensive and we can develop better batteries for storing high quantities of energy.

We are incredibly grateful to have a hardworking and dedicated member like Andres on our team to assist us in our efforts to empower businesses to go solar!