At SolBid, our team is a collection of dedicated individuals, each with their own unique journey. Today, we proudly highlight Shrushti Agarwal, one of our talented Software Development Interns here at SolBid.




Shrushti's role involves crafting different applications within SolBid’s Platform. Armed with a degree in Computer Engineering from India, she also has experience as a Machine Learning and Web Development intern, alongside various academic projects showcasing her practical and software-related skills. She is currently pursuing a Master's in Computer Science at Northeastern University.

At SolBid, Shrushti values the excellent work environment and the autonomy to tackle different projects. To balance work and life, she prioritizes tasks, diligently focuses on her projects during work hours, and enjoys hobbies like art, craft, and baking. Her guiding motto is "Embrace Change." Having undergone personal and professional transformations, she values adaptability and flexibility. Looking ahead, Shrushti hopes for affordable and accessible renewable energy technologies, driving widespread adoption and reducing reliance on fossil fuels to combat climate change's impact.

We are delighted to have Shrushti as part of our team, contributing to our mission of empowering businesses to embrace renewable energy solutions. Her dedication and passion are invaluable assets in our journey toward a greener future!