Extended Warranty

Obtain The Best Extended Care For Installed Projects

SolBid's 25-year extended warranty, operations, and maintenance plan provide added peace of mind that solar energy systems will remain operational with minimal downtime. Our 25-year warranty maximizes energy production while adhering to the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule.


  • Systems are operated and maintained
  • No need to monitor systems for production loss and errors
  • Minimize downtime to maximize energy production and ROI
  • No need to search and source contractors to make repairs
  • No need to worry about sourcing replacement parts


  • Solar PV Module(s)
  • DC/AC Inverters
  • Power Optimizers
  • Data Logger


  • Active remote monitoring of the solar energy system
  • Virtual System Diagnostics
  • Solar Component Replacement under Limited Warranty
  • Repair Coordination and Dispatch of an Electrical Contractor
  • Annual PV System Inspection and Maintenance by an Electrical Contractors