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Energy Storage Technologies


Balancing the grid is hard. There has always been waste in the system because running into deficit could cause total collapse. However, there are people looking for good solutions. The grid previously relied on peaker plants, burning fossil fuels during high demand times so most of the time it only what was needed was run. Those plants, in combination with stored hydropower, composed the entire system of dealing with energy fluctuation. With continued advances in clean energy, solutions for both long and short term power storage have been examined, with a keen eye on making it cheaper and easier to store power for later use. Whether only for high demand times, or to balance out larger trends, energy storage provides a powerful aid in converting the grid to clean energy and combating intermittency.

Sysco Announces Plans for Multi-Site Solar Garden


With over 65,000 associates and 300 distribution facilities serving 500,000 customer locations, there's no doubt that Sysco has some high energy needs. On June 6th, the company signed a ten-year renewable energy agreement; subsequently, three solar garden sites are being constructed in Texas, which will provide about 10% of Sysco’s U.S. electricity usage.

Solar Energy and Health Care In Global Perspective


Although health is among the most basic of human needs, access to reliable and safe health care is not distributed equally geographically, with displaced populations and many residing in rural areas especially lacking access. About one billion people globally rely on healthcare facilities that lack electricity. Solar energy has the power to change this and to facilitate the process of bringing quality healthcare to vulnerable populations everywhere.


More Electric Vehicles, Massachusetts AG Proposes Important Investments


Although the electric car was introduced over 100 years ago, only a fraction of cars sold to U.S. customers today are considered electric vehicles (EVs). Due to the environmental benefits of EVs, there has historically been some efforts to incentivize EV development. Now, Massachusetts's proportion of EVs may begin to climb due to a proposal set forth by Mass. Attorney General Maura Healey.

Key To Success: Millenials



It is evident that the key to success for clean energy businesses, or any businesses for that matter, is to specifically cater to Millennials. This may not come as a surprise, but Millennials (people about 18-35 years old) are growing up and becoming the leaders and big investors in the United States. This means that understanding the needs and values of this generation, and then molding business practices to that, is crucial.


Places Of Higher Education Advocating For Solar



From coast to coast, colleges and universities have increased their energy efficiency exponentially throughout the years. Recently, we see bigger projects being undertaken. These projects are important in the renewable energy field because not only is it helping increase their facilities energy efficiency and decreasing their carbon footprint, but it also allows the leaders of the future to experience and learn about clean energy.

Avengers Actors Mark Ruffalo and Chris Evans Honor Real-Life Clean Energy Heroes of Atlanta

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

Last May, Atlanta became the 27th city in the United States, and the largest Southern city to commit to 100% renewable energy. Introduced by Councilman Kwanza Hall, the Atlanta City Council unanimously approved a measure that establishes a community-wide goal of transitioning to 100 percent renewable energy by 2035.