Susan Uthayakumar

Photo Credit: Susan Uthayakumar

Sustainability Q and A with
Susan Uthayakumar

The SolHighlights team recently had the opportunity to speak with Susan Uthayakumar. We discussed her experience implementing green practices at Prologis, the world’s largest industrial real estate company.

Uthayakumar has been involved with energy management and sustainability for over 18 years, and has recently begun her role as Chief Sustainability Officer at Prologis.

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Sustainable Business Q and A with
Dr. Jason Jay

The SolHighlights team recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Jason Jay. We discussed his work with sustainable business and investor action on climate.

Dr. Jay has worked as a Senior Lecturer, Consultant, Researcher, Author, Advisor, Investor, and Board Member regarding sustainability and climate action.

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Dr. Benjamin Sovacool

Photo Credit: Dr. Jason Jay

Renewables Q and A with
Dr. Benjamin Sovacool

The SolHighlights team recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Benjamin Sovacool. We discussed his work with clean energy and climate change policy.

Dr. Sovacool has been involved as a researcher and consultant on hundreds of publications and projects relating to energy policy, energy security, and climate change.

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Dr. Benjamin Sovacool

Photo Credit: Dr. Benjamin Sovacool

Solar Q and A with M.L. Schmitt Electric

SolBid was able to speak with Jean Pierre Crevier, of M.L. Schmitt Electric, to discuss how he and his business partner plan to lead the almost 100 year old company into the future.

As pioneers in the solar industry, and a household name in electrical contracting, M.L. Schmitt has been setting the bar for generations.

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M.L. Schmitt Electric

Photo Credit: M.L. Schmitt Electric

Renewables Q and A with State Senator Eric Lesser

The SolBid team recently sat down with Massachusetts State Senator Eric Lesser to discuss his take on the future of renewable energy (at both local and national levels), green jobs, and policy changes he hopes to see.

Lesser is well-known for his work in the Obama Administration and for being a leading voice in promoting East-West Rail in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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State Senator Eric Lesser

Photo Credit: State Senator Eric Lesser

Solar Q and A with Ed Begley Jr.

The SolBid team had the exciting opportunity to speak with American actor Ed Begley Jr. regarding his views on solar energy.

While Ed is not the only Hollywood star that is a proponent for clean energy, he is perhaps one of the most admired environmental activists of our time, and has truly pledged his life to sustainable living.

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Ed Begley Jr.

Photo Credit: Toluca Lake Magazine

South Windsor Connecticut live with SolBid Solar

South Windsor Connecticut is alive with Solar! Nuway Tobacco, Revolutions Bowling and Lounge, and Nomad's Adventure Quest go live with SolBid Solar.

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South Windsor Projects

Photo Credit: SolBid, Inc.

Solar Founders look to Build the Future

A Q and A with Ian Ricci and Nate Raymond of SolBid, Inc. Learn how the two founders of SolBid started their business, see the solar industry, technology advancements, and the future of renewables.

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SolBid Founders

Photo Credit: SolBid, Inc.