Redefine Your Process Roadmap

Less Work, Lower Cost, Clear Trade Delineation, Faster Delivery, and Less Financial Risk.

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Develop and evaluate solar projects in SolBid, comparing CapEx and OpEx options. Got budget approval? Accept projects at the push of a button.


SolBid provides national project engineering and utility interconnection approvals before any construction commitments have been made.


When approvals are in place, SolBid provides construction request-for-bid management and delivers the solar equipment to the job site.


The awarded contractor performs the systems installation and commissioning. This happens under direct support by SolBid’s engineers.
Better Process

Engineering-First Methodology

SolBid enhances project efficiency and cost management by enabling engineering and utility applications before bidding. This approach shortens project timelines and allows for early issue resolution and informed decision-making. It leads to a more refined competitive bidding process and minimizes the risk of cost overruns, ensuring more predictable and economical project outcomes.

Project Financing

Whether it be CapEx or OpEx, SolBid has a solar finance path optimized for your business case.

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Engineering and Applications

SolBid’s national engineering teams handle all necessary engineering and application support to get your project approved.

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SolBid’s vendor selection is carefully curated to maximize project Return on Investment (ROI) and minimize development risk.

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Operations & Maintenance

Added peace of mind that your solar energy systems will remain operational with minimal downtime.

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