About Us


Our Mission

To provide businesses with simple-to-use software and vendor solutions for designing, procuring, and installing solar to get the best possible return on investment.


Our Vision

A world where the process of solar is simplified and streamlined to empower businesses.


Our Founders

Ian Ricci

Co-Founder and COO/CTO
  • Ian is an experienced software engineer, SysAdmin/DevOps engineer, and business executive. Ian is responsible for company strategy, creative vision, and technology.

Nate Raymond

Co-Founder and CEO
  • Nate is a knowledgeable solar specialist, business development and operations guru. Nate is responsible for company strategy, sales, and operations.

Why Choose SolBid?

Founded in 2014, SolBid is the premier commercial solar energy company focused on leveraging state-of-the-art technology to simplify the process while bringing together the key players to perform best-in-class services.

The SolBid Team has over 55 MW of collective commercial & industrial solar experience in-house.

Continuously investing in technology improvements to make it easier for all key stakeholders.

Growth-focused, consistently increasing our service area and available opportunities.

Invested in our users. Our user’s success is our success, so we are heavily focused on customer support.

Technology to keep overhead low, reducing our pricing to provide solar at a lower cost of ownership.

Built a robust network of users across many different industries, creating collaborative opportunities.