SolBid, Inc. is composed of hard-working individuals, each with their own unique story. Today, we are putting the Spotlight on Samantha Chum, Account Manager here at SolBid.


Samantha will be graduating with her B.S. in Finance in December 2022. She spent five years in business development and sales in the automotive industry before joining SolBid. She also wrote theses about some of America’s biggest Fortune 500 companies regarding their sustainability contributions and targets. After taking numerous courses on sustainability in college, she became passionate about the subject and its importance. Samantha first learned about SolBid on Linkedin and was drawn to the company due to the office location in Lowell, where she grew up and still lives.

At SolBid, Samantha enjoys the comfortable and community-oriented work environment where the team works towards the bigger picture. She hopes that the push for clean energy will be fast enough to help combat climate change. Outside of work, Samantha is a big foodie, and likes reading and poetry. She lives by the motto “This too shall pass.”

We are incredibly grateful to have a hardworking and dedicated member like Samantha on our team to assist us in our efforts to empower businesses to go solar!